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Columbus, Ohio

William Crandell

Web Designer / Developer at Self Motivated Experience (Everywhere)

Database Development/Administration


Learning is enjoyable, doing is rewarding, completion is fulfilling. Discovering how things work is a driving force for me. The more I do the more I learn. After finishing a set tasks the feeling of overcoming a challenge and gained understanding is satisfying. It is my desire to learn and improve my understanding of web technologies and increase my ability of implementation therein. I began the undertaking of the Programming Foundations with Python course at Udacity, which is leading towards receiving a Nanodegree called Full Stack Developer. These programs are self paced which require the self direction and motivation that I have. Ready to Work and Willing to Learn Experience has given me many skills and talents that enables me to be agile as a developer. When challenged by a task it is rewarding to improve my skill set through training and education. Knowledge is power.


Web Designer / Developer
Self Motivated Experience
July 2008 - Present (9 years 2 months) Everywhere
It is my goal to become a full stack developer, with an emphasis on programing web applications. My responsibility is to learn the required technologies, skills and talents that we enable me as a web programmer. Learned abilities include design through image creation and manipulation, and also user interface layout using html and css. I am able to develop and program with javascript, Php, Python, and MySQL. I have worked with 2 version control systems (Git and SVN). Working with apache has taught me to how configuration options are used and what they are for. I have setup Linux based servers and deployed developing environments on both Windows and Linux based systems.
Skills: HTML, JavaScript, Javascript/JQuery, PHP/MySQL, Apache
Data Entry
Aerotek, LLC
September 2014 - July 2015 (10 months) Telework
My primary job was data processing. My responsibility included data collection, manipulation, and display. Data was received through multiple routes developed in Php, Html, and JavaScript including: remote second party csv downloads direct html form text/file input barcode reader form input A MySQL database was designed, administered and maintained as the primary data storage facility. File storage was used for a large number of photos with file locations stored in the database connected to appropriate related data.
Skills: HTML, javascript - AJAX (jQuery), PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap


Programming Foundations with Python


  • Web Design/Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Video editing
  • Audio Mixing
  • Education/Learning


  • HTML
  • javascript - AJAX (jQuery)
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Apache