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Ian Smith

Ian Smith

Contract Sound Designer at Stardock Entertainment (Timonium, Maryland)



I am a contract Sound Designer and Music Creator that has worked on a variety of games and platforms in the video game industry. I am always looking for exciting new projects so if you need sound or music, contact me!


Contract Sound Designer
Stardock Entertainment
June 2014 - Present (3 years 4 months) Timonium, Maryland
- Sound design for unique and emotionally responsive creatures and characters. - Created sound for unique special abilities & spells. - Sci-fi sound design for User Interface & in-game assets, props, and ships (vehicles). - Efficiently and constructively utilize feedback from Audio Director and team. - Design and mix sound for in-game cinematic cut scenes. - Synthesize and re-sampling for various sci-fi asset creation; weapons, impacts, etc. - Maintain strong communication and “off-site” working relationships with members of the team utilizing Skype and other communication tools.
Skills: Audio editing, audio mixing, sound design, synthesis, patch creation, dsp processing, audio format preparation, music technology, creative problem solving, technical troubleshooting
Contract Sound Design and Music
Big Huge Games v2.0
March 2014 - December 2014 (9 months) Timonium, Maryland
- Worked with engineers to create and implement audio system for DomiNations. - Design and creation of sounds for UI, units, notifications, and abilities. - Integrated and tested audio utilizing Unity, scripts, and Git (version control). - Creation of all music and musical “stings” for DomiNations. - Completed project with-in budget/time constraints and technical limitations.
Skills: music creation, sound design, audio implementation, Audio editing, audio file management, audio mixing, Audio editing, music composition, creative problem solving, music technology
Contract Sound Designer
Mohawk Games
January 2014 - December 2014 (11 months) Timonium, Maryland
- Concept sound design and iteration. - Sci-fi sound design for User Interface & in-game assets. - Miscellaneous audio requests for prototyping early in development cycle.
Skills: sound design, audio mixing, Audio editing, synthesizers, patch creation, audio implementation, creative problem solving, music technology, dsp processing, audio file management
Sub Contracted Theater Installation Assistant
Diamond Audio
August 2013 - September 2013 (1 months) Severn, Maryland
- Assisted with custom home theater audio/visual installations. - Assisted with calibrating high-end wireless audio systems.
Audio Consultant, Freelance Graphic Design, Student of 3D Modeling
Self Employed
May 2012 - August 2013 (1 years 3 months) Conowingo, Maryland
- General consultant for audio related inquiries. - Graphic design for multiple clients including; maps, brochures, and marketing. - In depth learning and development of skills for 3D modeling and graphics. - Computer building, repair, and modifications.
Senior Sound Designer
38 Studios / Big Huge Games
September 2010 - June 2012 (1 years 9 months) Timonium, Maryland
- Sound design for unique and emotionally responsive creatures and characters. - Created sound for unique special abilities & spells for combat. - Sound design and implementation for vast immersive & dynamic environments, regions, and levels as well as numerous props & visual FX. - Tested and implemented utilizing FMOD & proprietary tools. - Audio recording, editing, and processing of VO and dialogue. - Sound design, stereo, and 5.1 Surround Sound mixing for cinematic scenes. - Managed approximately 120,000 VO/dialogue audio assets. Utilized various batch processing techniques, and implementation/quality control of in-game VO assets. - Preparation of audio for distribution on multiple media format types and platforms. - Ensured software audio deficiencies/errors were corrected to specifications in a timely manner. - Analyzed and resolved technical audio related issues overcoming memory, software, and data- format/size constraints. - Provided marketing department and external clients with sonic needs, design, and audio specifications. - Maintained efficient & productive working relationships with artists, engineers, and producers. - Participated in design iterations utilizing feedback from all departments involved.
Skills: sound design, audio mixing, Audio editing, recording, 5.1 surround sound, batch processing, audio QA & implementation, FMOD, middleware, VO recording
Sound Designer / Composer
Firaxis Games
October 2007 - July 2010 (2 years 9 months) Sparks, Maryland
- Sound design for unique and emotionally responsive creatures and characters. - Created sound for unique scenarios and special FX during combat. - Sound design for immersive environments, numerous props & visual FX. - Sound design and mixing for in-game cutscenes aka “Leader Screens”. - Audio and foley recording, editing, mixing & processing. - Assisted with managing approximately 14 hours of music assets. - Assisted in the user-end development of proprietary audio software tools, their requirements, and design for optimal and efficient usability. - Responsible for XML/script data needed to employ audio design changes, memory constraints, and interactive user decisions. - Managed, edited, and coordinated XML/script variables to meet the constraints and needs of the programming and design team - Interfaced, communicated and coordinated with producers, programmers, and artists to ensure a high standard of overall sonic quality/design.
Skills: sound design, audio implementation, VO recording, music creation, patch creation, foley creation, creative problem solving, audio file management, synthesis, recording
Film Electronics Assistant
“The Wire” (as seen on HBO)
July 2007 - October 2007 (3 months) Baltimore, Maryland
- Assisted with computer equipment management, maintenance, and problem solving for visual feeds. - Responsible for equipment management, inventory, and upkeep. - Assisted with the disestablishment of the set and removal of facility equipment upon program termination.
Audio/Sound Intern
Clean Cuts Studios
October 2006 - May 2007 (7 months) Baltimore, Maryland
- Responsible for general studio assignments and tasks for facility. - Assisted with installing ethernet, Cat-5, and other necessary electrical needs for expansion of facility.
Electronic Music Studio Associate
November 2005 - May 2006 (6 months) Baltimore, Maryland
- Responsible for software/hardware/peripheral installation/configuration and maintenance for multiple end-user workstations - Responsible for creation/maintenance of user accounts and limiting user ability to make un-authorized changes to workstations ensuring security for software licenses and overall system stability - Implemented technologies needed for a multi-user computer music studio using technical troubleshooting capabilities to resolve issues
Sound Designer / Musician / Foley Artist
Self employed
January 1997 - January 2002 (5 years ) Baltimore, Maryland
- Sound design, audio recording, foley and on-site recording, editing, mixing, and mastering - Audio DSP, enrichment and restoration. - Composing and electronic music composition. - Live mixing and performance. - Instrument recording, sampling, patch creation and synthesizer SFX design. - Use and proficiency with many industry standard audio applications. - Video editing experience with multiple cameras & 5.1 surround sound. - Experimentation with procedural synthesis like cSound and Max.
Skills: electronic music creation, mixing, sound design, Composition, synthesizers, recording, Audio editing, Binaural and HRTF techniques, 5.1 surround sound


Bachelor's Degree
Sound Design, Music Technology, Audio Engineering
2002 - 2006


  • Music
  • Sound Design
  • Foley Art
  • Games
  • Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer/Video Games


  • Audio editing
  • audio mixing
  • sound design
  • synthesis
  • music creation
  • middleware
  • music technology
  • patch creation
  • dsp processing
  • audio format preparation
  • creative problem solving
  • technical troubleshooting
  • audio implementation
  • audio file management
  • music composition
  • synthesizers
  • recording
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • FMOD
  • VO recording
  • foley creation
  • electronic music creation
  • mixing
  • Composition
  • Binaural and HRTF techniques
  • batch processing
  • audio QA & implementation