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Micheal O'Brien

Director of Operations at Cosmetic Surgery Centre (M4W3P4, Toronto, Ontario)

General/Other: R&D/Science


My key employability assets include: strong business success modelling; excellent verbal and written communication skills; complex problem comprehension and solutions; ability to react and adapt quickly to change; strong organizational and time management skills; and strong attention to precise detail in a team-oriented, high skills retention environment.


Director of Operations
Cosmetic Surgery Centre
March 2011 - Present (6 years 7 months) M4W3P4, Toronto, Ontario
Chief Operations Officer and Medical Clinics Administrator 1. Regular meetings & direct reporting to Principal Shareholders 2. Oversee, manage, hire/fire and be responsible for all necessary staff & professional contractors as well as selection of independent actors who may act on behalf of the clinics. 3. Improve the operational systems, process the policies in support of organization’s mission: specifically, support better management reporting, information flow & management, business process & organizational planning. 4. Manage & increase effectiveness & efficiency of Support Services (Medical, HR, IT) through improvements to each function as well as coordination & communication between support & business functions. 5. Play a management role in long-term planning of Options Weight Loss Clinic, including an initiative geared toward operational quality excellence. 6. Participate in financial management, planning, systems & controls 7. Manage budgets. 8. Development of individual program budgets 9. Oversee the invoicing to funding sources, including calculation of completed units of service 10. Be a liaison with all outside vendors & professionals. 11. Drive initiatives in the management team & organizationally that contribute to long term operational excellence. 12. Contribute to short & long term organizational planning & strategy. 13. Serve as liaison to legal counsel in addressing legal issues, i.e. copyright, antitrust, governing instruments, partnerships, licensing etc. 14. Oversee organizational insurance policies 15. Compile & enforce the rules of the clinics. 16. Providing consulting services on matters related to fundraising, tax & insurance questions & business structure & growth. 17. Manage clinic staff for meeting attendances off-site. 18. Be accessible to all stake holders. 19. Oversee & direct IT & marketing. 20. Direct annual budgeting & planning process for the organization’s financial performance against budget, financial & operational goals. 21. Oversee short & long-term financial & managerial reporting. 22. Oversee & assist the day to day processing of accounts receivable & payable using QuickBooks. 23. Assisting the "Board" of Directors in creating annual organizational budget, operating strategies & monitoring cash flow. 24. Manage reimbursement requests. 25. Oversee the administration of payroll & employee benefits & organizational insurance. 26. Ensure that "Accountant" requests are resolved & communicated in a timely manner. 27. Develop long-range forecasts & maintain long-range financial plans....
Skills: Medical Practice Standards and Medical Research Techniques, Patient Systems Design and Management, Media and Other Research, Patient Service Delivery and Client Relations, Public Relations and Advertising, Sales and Marketing Administration, Government Contract/Project Management Experience, Staff Training, Development and Standards Compliance, Accounting and other Business Standards, Government and Institutional Standards Comprehension and Compliance
Executive Director
The RINJ Foundation
May 2011 - May 2014 (3 years ) Toronto, Ontario
The RINJ™ Foundation attempts to locate and assist rescue of child sex slaves in the human slave trade and offers funding for extreme emergency rape cases in need of medical evacuation; reconstructive surgery and other care and attention otherwise unavailable owing to funding issues. RINJ™ offers survivors financial support for counseling & medical aid. The RINJ™ Foundation delivers training and educational support for police, military & EMS responders, as wellas for school teachers, and all crisis response professionals. The RINJ Foundation seeks stricter penalties for rapists. RINJ teachs law enforcement how to identify and respond to sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and rape. The RINJ Foundation raises funds for the purchase of 'rape kits' and/or the funding of rape kit testing. RINJ will help assure that first responders and hospitals have rape kits and that kits are immediately tested and the results reported to police and prosecutors. RINJ shares learning, knowledge and publishes news in pursuit of improvements in the way courts administer punishment to rapists; providing information about locations where 'wanted' sex offenders are on the lose; reporting on the manner in which law enforcement investigates complaints; and investigating/disseminating information about how survivors in war-torn countries find remedy. By informing people through digital and hard-copy publications, The RINJ Foundation aims to prevent and end rape.
Skills: Corporate Management, Government Liason, CEO Quality Function, Board Of Directors Reporting, Global Recruitment, International Marketing, United Nations Liason, Law Enforcement Liason, Professional Writing for Criminal Justice
Managing Director
Family Counselling Services
September 1998 - March 2006 (7 years 6 months) Barrie, Ontario
Medical Arts Clinic - Mental Health Family Counselling and Therapy; Addiction Counseling; Life Coaching; Behaviour Modification Therapy; Cognitive Therapy
Skills: Operations Management, Public Health Management, Clinic Operations, Patient Intake and Consult
Journalism, Writing, and Publishing
Maclean Huner
October 1986 - October 1991 (5 years ) Toronto
Publisher, Editor for 5 Periodicals in the Business Publishing Division
Skills: Writing, Researching articles and journals for educational, Business Development, Public Communication, Public Relations, Government Relations, Hiring and Training Personnel, Graphic Arts, Marketing, Circulation and Distribution


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Geeorgian College
August 1998
Commercial Helicopter Pilot
Ministry of Transport
February 1982
Forensic Investigator
Solicitor General
April 1991
Endoscope Reprocessing Technician
June 2013
Upper Endoscopy


  • Music - Guitar and vocals in a band
  • Ham Radio Operator VE3 OLG
  • Pilot - YZD - YZC


  • Computer Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Writing (10 years )
  • Research
  • Interviewer
  • Journalist - Editor (20 years )
  • Licensed Fixed and Rotary Wing Commercial Pilot
  • Excellent Photographer, Digital or Film Media
  • Operations Problem solving (20 years )
  • Operations Research Techniques (10 years )
  • Medical report writing for attorneys
  • Media Research
  • Client Relations
  • Advertising
  • Sales Administration
  • Government Contract/Project Management Experience
  • Staff Development
  • Accounting Standards
  • Medical Practice Standards and Medical Research Techniques
  • Patient Systems Design and Management
  • Media and Other Research
  • Patient Service Delivery and Client Relations
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Sales and Marketing Administration
  • Staff Training, Development and Standards Compliance
  • Accounting and other Business Standards
  • Government and Institutional Standards Comprehension and Compliance
  • Operations Management
  • Public Health Management
  • Clinic Operations
  • Patient Intake and Consult
  • Corporate Management
  • Government Liason
  • CEO Quality Function
  • Board Of Directors Reporting
  • Global Recruitment
  • International Marketing
  • United Nations Liason
  • Law Enforcement Liason
  • Professional Writing for Criminal Justice
  • Researching articles and journals for educational
  • Business Development
  • Public Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Government Relations
  • Hiring and Training Personnel
  • Graphic Arts
  • Marketing
  • Circulation and Distribution