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Tim Hofstetter

Tim Hofstetter

Software Engineer at Independent Contractor (Bradford, VT)

General/Other: IT/Software Development


Has been developing software since 1984, using a wide variety of languages and on a wide variety of operating systems / platforms from S-100 machines through x86 PCs, embedded microprocessors, and RISC servers. I prefer telecommuting and/or contract work. I don't like to travel, and I will not relocate.


Software Engineer
Independent Contractor
November 2008 - Present (8 years 10 months) Bradford, VT
Low-level (very near the system level) development for Linux and Solaris, as well as building an extensive server/client Web-GUI system in a mix of client-side HTML5 / CSS / Javascript and server-side Java / JDBC / SQL. XML via sockets for intermachine communication. Details are proprietary. Also a CNC-CAM system, translating proprietary graphics primitives (similar to gcode) to machine control signals with acceleration and backlash compensation. A secondary piece of this project involves translating industry-standard gcode to these proprietary graphics primitives. In addition, a simple handheld recording EKG device based on the Texas Instruments MSP430 controller.
Skills: C/C++, SQL, Tomcat server on Windows, Java, HTML5, Javascript, Linux, JDBC, Embedded (8031 / 8051 / MSP430), XML, TCP socket communication, SunOS (Solaris)
Software Engineer
Novell Inc
July 2005 - November 2008 (3 years 4 months) Lebanon, NH
Maintenance & continuing development of highly successful hardware / software inventory application (ZENWorks Asset Management, rebranded by Novell from Tally Systems' TS.Census) for Win32, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, SunOS, and Mac OS X. Handled all the C/C++ software maintenance for the entire product except for the proprietary software recognition algorithm. Received one “Pit Crew” and two “Breakaway” awards. Most work was in C/C++, with some involvement in Java & XML.
Skills: C/C++, Java, XML, Win32 (all current), HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX (RISC and x86), SunOS (Solaris)
Multidisciplinary Engineer
November 2004 - July 2005 (8 months) Vershire, VT
Part-time work to supplement springtime income; performed a combination of light machining (manual lathes and milling machines) plus electronic design and fabrication of components for long-distance optical gas analysis devices. Constructed some equipment for shop use. Developed small special-purpose apps in Visual BASIC.
Skills: Visual Basic
Sole Proprietor
Local Tradesman (company name)
October 2002 - July 2005 (2 years 9 months) Vershire, VT
Self-employed smalltime contractor, providing a very wide range of services to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients in the Upper Valley. Services include rough and finish carpentry, custom cabinetry, woodturning, plumbing, electrical, ceramic tile, roofing, small engine repair, heavy equipment operation, light metals machining, etc.
Skills: Highly various
Software Engineer
Tally Systems Corp
December 1998 - November 2001 (2 years 11 months) Lebanon, NH
Served as part of a "collector team" of software engineers, continuing development of highly successful PC inventory application for Win32, OS/2, and DOS, was personally responsible for several major improvements including drive and CPU recognition, effective CPU speed determination, system recognition credibility, and incorporation of PalmOS collector. Also served as engineering liaison to Technical Support staff to troubleshoot & correct existing bugs.
Skills: C/C++, Win32 (all current), OS/2, DOS (PC-, MS-), PalmOS, SunOS (Solaris)
Programmer / Analyst
Computac Inc
April 1995 - October 1998 (3 years 6 months) Lebanon, NH
Constructed nearly 100% of the stored procedures and triggers in a large Sybase T-SQL database for magazine wholesalers and distributors; also primary developer of several PowerBuilder GUI applications, including MDI reporting apps and a SSO/SA front end for the SQL database. Created custom AIX (RISC) and Windows (PC) interfaces for special hardware and ported IRL for portable barcode scanners into C. Miscellaneous other programming.
Skills: SQL, Win32 (all current), IRL, C/C++, Embedded (8031 / 8051 / MSP430), AIX (RISC and x86), PowerBuilder (PowerScript)

Professional Memberships/Awards

  • Quora (
  • StackExchange (
  • "Pit Crew" (Novell, Inc)
  • "Breakaway" (2, at Novell, Inc)


  • Tomcat server on Windows
  • Java
  • HTML5, Javascript
  • C/C++
  • XML (7 years )
  • HP-UX
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Machinist (10 years )
  • Visual Basic
  • Highly various
  • OS/2
  • DOS (PC-, MS-)
  • PalmOS
  • SQL
  • IRL
  • Win32 (all current)
  • JDBC
  • Embedded (8031 / 8051 / MSP430) (4 years )
  • AIX (RISC and x86) (7 years )
  • TCP socket communication (1 years )
  • SunOS (Solaris) (8 years )
  • Draw / read schematic diagrams (40 years )
  • Electronic development / repair / troubleshooting (40 years )
  • Drafting (mechanical & CAD) (38 years )
  • PowerBuilder (PowerScript) (3 years 6 months)